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Hello! My name is Lynn Jacobsen and I am an English teacher in Moscow, Russia at the Russian Language Institute (RALI). One of my passions is finding relevant ways to make English real and useful through creative resources and media.

Read Listen Learn

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Reading is one of the four main skills that learners of English need to improve (the others being Listening, Speaking, and Writing), but it’s not always easy to find interesting reading material at the right level.

Most of the main EFL publishers have a range of graded readers (see here and here, for example), but they are usually physical books and not available in digital form (plus you have to pay for them). Which is where Read Listen Learn comes in …

Read Listen Learn is a free website that offers digital graded readers for English teachers and learners. There are over 180 readers and they come in two forms: short stories adapted from works by over 50 authors, and articles on history, science, crime, sport and more. The readers are graded at 5 different levels for English learners and they all come with audio versions, so you can listen while you read.   And once you have registered (using Facebook), you can create your own personal library of readers.

Each article also includes a list of vocabulary that is located to the right side of the story.

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